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Fallen For You

Cavemen Anthology: Dreams of the Oasis

Warning: Content is sexually explicit and is not appropriate for readers under 18.

Available in Kindle Unlimited
  For the past ten-thousand years, earth-bound angel Zade’s single-minded, warrior mentality has kept him focused on the Watcher’s mission--rid the world of the Oscurità, the fallen angels. He’d kept that focus despite the punishment of a frozen soul and an ever-weakening body. Nothing could distract this stone-cold, angelic soldier. And then the enticing witch, Isabel, came into her powers.
  The Oscurità will be coming to posses her, or kill her, drawn by her burgeoning powers. Zade is duty bound to protect her. Isabel is a temptation they can’t ignore, but neither can Zade. She alone can offer relief from his long punishment and her eagerness for his touch is a torture all its own. But ten-thousand years of dogged focus has left Zade ill-equipped to control the storm of need and emotion she stirs within him. If he succumbs to these long-forgotten feelings, will his desperate soul destroy them both, or will unsatisfied need weaken Zade further and cost him everything? To save all he holds dear, Zade must accept that everything happens for a reason. Isabel was born for him, and he had fallen for her.


This collection is one of the best anthologies I have read in a long time. There is not a bad story in the group.

Reviewer: Candy, ecataromance

Normally, I am not fond of stories that deal with things such as angels and demons, yet I found this one to be enthralling. Ms Cuccaro pens a terrifically tantalizing tale.

Reviewer: Susan White, Coffee Time Romance

"Cuccaro's readers will root for the soul-bonding that occurs in this spicy read.”

Reviewer: Leigh Rowling, Romantic Times Book Reviews

Paige Cuccaro depicts a fascinating battle between good and evil through thrilling scenes and fascinating characters.  I loved reading through each of Isabel’s seduction attempts and witnessing Zade’s softening toward her.

Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies


Warning: Content is sexually explicit and is not appropriate for readers under 18.

Copyright © Paige Cuccaro, 2006


Chapter One

“You think they’ll try to kill me?”

“Yes.” Zade wouldn’t look at her. His gaze fixed on the streetlamp across from Isabel’s bedroom window. The light’s honey glow was a safer sight by far than the little witch drifting toward sleep behind him in the dark.

He was a Watcher, a once-mighty angel, and still this woman could bring him to his knees with a negligent sigh. Zade clenched his jaw, his hand fisting around the Roman coin he always carried in the pocket of his slacks.

Her soft, sleepy voice already had his cock as stiff as a Watcher’s sword. And the scent of her sheath was only a wicked tease of how perfectly she’d fit his blade. His dick twitched at the thought, but he pushed the erotic image from his mind.

A rustle of covers, like the sound of a warm body rolling in bed, teased behind him. “Why now?” she said.

“Your skills have grown these past months. All those attuned to the ancient power will have felt your touch. You are a threat to the Oscurità as well as a temptation.”

Her small snort was muffled in the pillows. “And here I was only hoping to tempt you.”

Zade’s nails dug into his palms, every muscle in his body coiling tight. He closed his eyes and reached soul deep for the strength to deny his need. He was here to ensure her safety and train her in the use of the ancient power—nothing more.

Isabel and her kind were the key to destroying the Oscurità, the prideful fallen angels. A mission he and his Watcher brothers had failed to achieve so long ago. For ten thousand years they’d suffered the punishment for their ill-fated complacency. Sentenced to an eternity linked in name and penalty with those they’d been sent to destroy.

She and her witch sisters were the Watcher’s second chance and Zade would let nothing distract him this time.

“You can protect me?” she asked.

“Absolutely!” Offense wrenched his chin over his shoulder before he could think better on it. His chest squeezed tight at the sight of her, his cock throbbing hard against the shrinking confines of his slacks.

She lay in all her natural glory like a beguiling nymph worshiping the night. Her oval face turned to the side, eyes fluttering against her body’s demand for rest. She smiled, her plump, blush-pink lips parting, sweeping up at the corners, quivering.

Slender arms nestled in the silken fan of caramel hair above her head, pulling and shaping her full breasts. Dark rose nipples puckered to hard ridges, ruthlessly tormenting him in the dim glow from the street light. His mouth watered with want of feeling that hard pebbled flesh on his tongue, suckling the fullness of each breast.

“The daughters of men are a dangerous breed.”

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