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Available for the FIRST TIME in 15 years !!

          ifteen years ago, I sold my first story. Fallen For You. It was a quick write, fulfilling the requirements of the publisher’s contest. But I threw my best effort at the contest. In the end, my story was the only one of the newly contracted contest winners to be included in one of the first, wildly popular, Elora’s Cave, Caveman anthologies.  


Fallen For You is an erotic romance. (Emphasis on the erotic.) This is how I got my start in the industry. It stars my favorite characters, angels. But I…see them a little differently than most. I’m so happy it’s FINALLY available for download on its own!

I Robot Valentine, and Obey Me, are later products of that same erotic genre start. 

I Robot Valentine, an erotic romance in the distant future between a woman and her sex toy. Spoiler alert, in the future, sex toys are very…very, different.

Obey Me, is my first and only vampire story. Vampire romance was my first love. I wanted to be the next Anne Rice (or Anne Rice adjacent.)  But, at the time, so did EVERYONE else. So I refused to write about vampires. Until Obey Me. I had to write one…at least once.

Stay warm this fall, from the Brain down.


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Marriage Claws

There are two things Kate Affetto will do anything to protect: the younger brother she’s raised ever since their father walked out, and the small diner she’s managed to start from nothing in New York City. Things might not always be easy, but at least she gets to call all the shots and follow her own heart. That is until Jack Pensione, irritatingly gorgeous billionaire playboy and CEO/heir to the family empire shows up at her diner with an ultimatum: find $3 million to purchase the space, or vacate so it can be turned into condos.

     But Kate isn’t going down without a fight. So when Jack offers a third option—marry him, and he’ll gift her the space—she agrees, knowing it’ll save the life she’s built for herself and her brother, and that the marriage will be over practically before it’s begun. After all, it’s not as if she actually likes Jack, or as if he’s actually attracted her at all... Little does she know he’s also a werewolf, that he’s vying to be the alpha of his pack, and that her problems are just getting started.

By Heather ★★★★★ 

Kate can make things kinda awkward, but I don't think Jack minds, "his smile brightened, amusement glinting in his eyes. “So you’re saying I stink pretty?” I liked this book, I fell in love with the characters.

By Ellen ★★★★☆ 

Marriage Claws is a fun, sexy, and entertaining paranormal romance that I thoroughly enjoyed. 


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